Harriet Beecher and Eliza Tyler

Born in 1836, twins Hattie and Eliza were the oldest Stowe children. Lively Hattie was often her mother’s travel companion; the more reserved Eliza preferred to remain at home. Neither married, but were well read, enjoying political and intellectual discussion. They lived with their parents and worked as correspondents and assistants for their mother, managed […]

Charles Edward Stowe

Born in Brunswich, Maine, USA on 1850, the Stowe’s youngest son was rambunctious and gave his parents a good amount of trouble. He ran away from school at thirteen to become a sailor, but the Stowes found him before the ship set sail. Stowe used his antics as a model for her story Our Charley. […]

Frederick William Stowe

Frederick was “a smart bright lively boy – full of all manner of fun & mischief fond of reading more than of hard study,” according to his mother. Fred attended Phillips Andover Academy in Andover, MA and Harvard Medical School. However, a mediocre student at best and already battling alcoholism, Fred left school to enlist […]

Georgiana May Stowe

Mischievous and lively, the Stowes’ youngest daughter, Georgie, was artistic.  In 1865, she married the Rev. Henry Freeman Allen, an Episcopal priest, in Hartford, CT. The couple’s only child, Freeman, was the Stowes’ first grandchild. Stowe and her husband relished their roles as grandparents and often visited the Allens in Stockbridge, Amherst, and later Boston, […]

Henry Ellis Stowe

Harriet called her son Henry “the lamb of my flock.” At the age of eighteen, Henry traveled to Britain and Europe with his mother and family after Harriet’s book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin became a runaway best seller. Unfortunately, Henry died at only nineteen, in the Connecticut River in a swimming accident near Dartmouth College in […]

Samuel Charles Stowe

A Portrait of Samuel Charles Stowe, who died from cholera at the tender age of 18 months was hard to find.  There are no living pictures of the youngest of Harriet’s children to die. The Stowe family had a post-mortem portrait done of her son by Fontayne & Porter’s Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio. Post mortem portraits […]

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